Planning Time

It’s Wednesday in our week of “vacation” of sorts.  The other little girl who schools with us is on vacation, so we are taking a bit of a break too.   It is nice to get a break every now and then, especially to make you appreciate what you have!!

The extra time I have had has been spent researching a plan for November and December.  While we will keep on track with regular school in November, I wanted to incorporate something dealing with Gratitude and also with the history behind Thanksgiving.  I found a couple different things for these topics, but my favorite, and the one I think we will use is Attitude of Gratitude Lapbook.  It is a 12 lesson plan with some great ideas!! 


We will also listen to, and read Thanksgiving A Time To Remember by Barbara Rainey – this is a family favorite!  The book is awesome, but the audio drama is our favorite part!  We listen every year! 

So with the history part covered by our book & CD, and the gratitude part covered by our lapbook, I think I have a plan!!

For December, we continue to do math, but we take a break from Ambleside (our normal schedule) and take the month to “play & learn” Christmas style.  So, yesterday the kids and I came up with the 25 activities for our Advent Activity Plan.   We listed out 25 things we want to do in the month of December, now I will type them up and put them in numbered enveloped for us to open each day. 

In the past, this seemed like a lot to do.  I kind of avoided this.  But this year, I think with our additional student I feel more inclined to make sure we are not skipping/missing something fun, that with a tiny bit of planning, could be lots of fun!

You can see our download of 25 Advent Activities if you want to see what we are “planning” to do.  I tried to keep the list manageable so that we do make a point to do them, many days are reading one of our Christmas books, or even a few movies sprinkled in – they are not in any order, in a few days I will order them according to our calendar. 

I try to add a Christmas movie to our collection each year, and a few books too.  This year I added from : Polar Express, Owl  Moon, and God Gave Us Christmas. (I think they were .75cents each – with additional for shipping)  I put up all our Christmas books with the decorations each year too, to keep them fresh each year.

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