Weekly Wrap Up : January 20th


What a glorious week we have had here in our little world.  School seems to be back into a good routine, the weather has been beyond fabulous, and we ended the week spending the day with some wonderful friends and catching up!  Does it get better?

In our homeschool this week…

we got back into a routine – and it feels so good!  We are enjoying a new chapter in our Apologia Botany Book – we are studying about fruits and seeds and all that good stuff.  Perfect timing as we discuss what it a vegetable and what is a fruit, because we are planting lots of seeds and vegetables right now in our garden!!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Relax and enjoy it, even when it does not go the way you think it should.  Good comes from even the bad days!

I am inspired by…

My boy.  On Wednesday at church he was talking with another boy who comes to our class somewhat regularly.  Then afterward this same boy was saying something again to my boy before we left.  I asked what was said.  On the way to the car he told me he gave his friend a $1 to get a cupcake at the cupcake sale.  I was floored.  He did this on his own, unbeknownst to me. 

Earlier we went to the table to get a t-shirt (he did) and pulled out his money to spend HIS money on a T-shirt for 60 Feet (see below) – and he saw they were $20 and he only had $9.  Well, I took his money and bought one for him.  I did not know what he did earlier.  a $1 would not have allowed him to purchase one either way, but he did not keep in in case.  Amazing.  He inspires me.


Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We enjoyed a fun day with friends from Arlington today!  We had fun trying to pet the chickens and more fun feeding Clarabell some mustard greens from the garden!  She loves them!!

My favorite thing this week was…

Just having the days go well.  The weather has been so amazing too, and having warm days just makes life easier!

Also, 60 Feet came to our church to talk about their ministry this week.  Wow.  All I can say.  Maybe I will share more in the future, until then – check them out!!

What’s working….

Right now, school is working well.  We are back in the school building.  We started back with Latin and Map Drills – it has been too long since we have done either!  The kids were honestly thrilled to do both!  I love that.

Our Co-Op is such a blessing to!   Makes the week fly by – we meet on Wednesday and just enjoy each other so much!

What’s not working….

Just the mess – the dirt on the floor, all of it – but then, I remind myself why there is a mess.  Why the mess is okay, even if I struggle with that – a happy heart in my child is more important than a perfectly clean floor.  The floor is dirty because me kids are playing outside and coming it.  It is okay.  Or so it should be.

I’m cooking…

Well, not me so much, but my kids are all showing food for 4H tomorrow – I cannot wait!  They have been preparing and cooking all day!  I am so proud of each of them!!

A photo, video, link, or quote to share…

My favorite quote for the week :

 If you are not living it, you do not believe it. 

Beth Moore (James study)

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