Weekly Wrap Up : January 27th


In my life this week…

School was hard, I seem to remember last week reporting that it was in a groove and good.  Ugh!!!

In our homeschool this week…

We schooled far too long EVERY day!  Ughh – again!

Helpful homeschooling tips or advice to share…

Character training is far more important that math, reading, science or anything else.  I believe this is truth, I have a hard time living it though.

I am inspired …

James – the book.  I am being blown away by Beth Moore’s study of this book.  And I am loving that I am living it with the ladies in this study and my kids.

Places we’re going and people we’re seeing…

We stayed home this week, well when you are schooling until 2 or 3 pm daily it is hard to run around.  Today though, I am heading up to Dallas and will get to stop at Whole Foods (woo hoo) and see a few friends (more woo hoo).


My favorite thing this week was…

Working at the food pantry with 2 of my boys.  They have been going, almost weekly, for several months.  They love it.  They are getting to know so many Godly men through our church while they work there.  I never get to go though, I have to be home with the younger ones.  It was so fun to see J know this place, know what to do, jump in and do it.  It was such a blessing to serve alongside these boys and I was a proud momma!

What’s working/not working for us…

Our schedule is so not working!  Diligence is not happening…. something will change next week…. I Hope!!

I’m reading…

Made to Crave – and OH MY!! I cannot wait to share the stuff I have learned from this book.  It is amazing!! I am loving it – may be the best book I have read in a  LONG time.

I’m cooking…

Nothing great, ok well I made some Quinoa Burgers this week and they were fantastic!!  I loved them and so did my whole family!!  But next week, I plan to have some desserts cooking up – sugar free!!  I cannot wait.  I have a list, once I get a few key ingredients (at Whole foods) and I will be off baking!!

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