History/Geography/Biography & Nature

I am so excited to see all the pieces falling into place in one area of our school. 

My 2 big boys are reading David Livingstone this year. 

golding_livingstoneSince we usually try to do map drills of one continent through the year,  this year, since we are already in Africa with Mr. Livingstone, (and we have friends living there this year) I decided we need to learn the continent of Africa!!  So we are doing map drills and learning where all the countries are.  AG and I do it verbally – so I talk with her and we are learning a few at a time.  The boys write them in on their laminated blank map.

livingstone ywam

Next, E had read a biography of Mr. Livingstone, but he will read the YWAM book this year so we can all talk about his adventures as a missionary in China. 

africa small square

The last piece is nature, and I have a copy of One Small Square African Savannah book that we will read through as well.  So we will learn about the plants that grown there, animals that live there, and all the other good stuff!!  I think I will pull out our Draw Write Now copy of the Savannah too – so they can draw some pictures of the animals we learn about!

Oh my goodness, school is so stinking fun!!  I know I am learning far more than I have forgotten!!  My favorite part of homeschooling is certainly learning it all (again) in a way that I understand and am bound to remember!!

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