Fun with Friends/Family

When I tell people the Lewis Family is coming to visit, Mom with 5 kids – I get a look of really?  “In your 3 bedroom house, you are going to have 9 kids and 3 adults?”


And we had a blast!  The kids played so well together, with legos, outside animals, boardgames, walks with the dog and a few afternoon movies!

We have tested some theoretical allergies and verified one certainly needs to be casin free, that another does not, just lactose issues.  We managed to stay off gluten for my ED, and still ate well and enough!  It helps at breakfast time when we can gather about 15 eggs the day before!

Tomorrow they head out, we stay here and look forward to seeing them again in about 2 months at their house!

I love that our families do so well together – not perfect, there are still fights, arguments, and hurt feelings, but with that comes a great chance to practice forgiveness, humility and kindness!!

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