Girl’s Weekend

So we do not do a girl’s weekend like some mothers and daughters.  No.  Ours looks like this:


We get some orange

Then we go somewhere gorgeous :



Play a litle pool

IMG_4372 IMG_4388

Ride out to a deer blind

Find a doe that needs to be harvested (in order to ensure the others can grow strong and healthy)


And woohoo – we are having fun!!

We thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Cerrito Prieto in Encinada (near Laredo)


We even rid the ranch of one coyote!


We enjoyed out time there with 9 other young ladies between 9-17 years old.


And I am proud that this girl helped process her doe with this amazing young woman (Linda)


We had a wonderful weekend – amazing sunsets and sunrises, birds I have never seen before, lots of sweet young ladies!  And just overall fun!

Look at that smile!!  She loved it!


Then she crashed – wore her out!!
IMG_4461On the way home, she caught up one some more sleep:


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