Another Hunt for the record books

Jacob Krebs

We had a great weekend remembering a young man names Jacob Krebs!

Jacob was an amazing young man, from an amazing family – and while training for the Navy Seal Test, as a high school senior, he blacked out under water and did not survive. His legacy lives on through this hunt, but also through the lives he impacted through his final act of selflessness, organ donation.


Jacob telling the group about Brigades

The Krebs family planned and executed the Harper Hunt the following January in his honor, because he loved hunting and he was a Texas Youth Hunting Program (TYHP) Huntmaster.  Our family has been absolutely blessed to participate the past three years.  This year Anna was the hunter, and Jacob joined us a volunteer!



Anna did not harvest any animals.  She did shoot a spike deer, but he ran after being shot and jumped the fence into non-friendly territory.

Archery Fun

But she was a perfect shot at the .22 range and had lots of fun at the Archery range!

perfect shooting of the .22

We were happy to see friends from this year’s hunt and friends from past Harper hunts.


Before leaving we offered our ice that we brought to the hunters taking their harvests home, since we did not get anything.  When Jacob offered it away, one of the dads asked why we were offering our ice, and when he told him we did not get anything he offered us his two animals since his wife did not want any more venison this year!!  Such a sweet ending to a wonderful weekend!!


The three of us!


Anna won a hand-made knife from this lovely man Mr. Starr.  The knife is a treasure!


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