Stone’s Point

In Maine the sun rises early, the lobster men are checking their traps early, so if you are by the water : You rise early!

The benefit to this is that you can grab the day and make the most of the mornings!


So the other day, Peter asked me to walk Stone’s Point Road with him.  Since this was something I have been wanting to do since we arrived I took him up on the offer!!  So we set out about 7:30 – the sun was up, but temps were barely 60 degrees!!

He and I did the 3 mile walk in an hour, which may sound slow – but the hills (and lots of them) made me work on this walk!!


The sun through the trees with the cat tails in the front.  So fun!!


But we always enjoy the view as we walk the look that grazes the other side of the point from where we stay.  The houses are lovely, but the ocean views are breathtaking.  So dreamy!!

We made it home all warmed up from our walk and ready to dig into our breakfast of grits with a fried egg on top.  No pics of breakfast, but it was my first time to really tr grits and since Betsy added bacon, spinach, zucchini and lots of cheese  – it was a great experience!!  Since that breakfast I have reheated leftovers for lunch twice!!



Took this pic because Anna is currently obsessed with Puffins!!


Can you see the bear we ran across?  Robert warned us!


Just another great day in Maine!!

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