Review : Invitation

Has a book ever started a fight in your house?  Often a book is at the root of squabbling in my home!!  A recent read is a book that I tried to get my hands on first, I mean I needed to read to review.  But if I looked in another direction for 30 seconds the book would disappear!!  My boys!!  They love a good book as much as I do, and they love several of these authors as well.

Needless to say, it was a hit for 3 of us, and I suspect the other boy will be reading it too.  Good news – it is young adult safe & clean.

So this book is very interesting, 4 authors have gotten together, each writes a segment of the book.  So the book starts with author Bill Myers – and he writes the first 1/4 in his style.  Next, Frank Peretti picks up the story and it shifts into his style.  Angela Hunt then takes over with the third quarter of the book, before Alton Gansky finishes.

This was the first book of this style and I really enjoyed it.  I could see a distinct difference in the authors character development and story telling, and it was fun to see how each of the stories go together, but can also take on a personality of their own.

The characters are an odd sort, a college football player, a street hustling tattoo artist, a professor and the professor’s assistant.  The story is certainly a thriller with a lot of edge of your seat story telling.

This is a fast paced book, and I highly recommend for a good read for you or your young adult readers!!

NOTE : I received a copy of Invitation at no cost.  My review is completely my own opinion. (my sons would second everything I said)

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