Essential Oils


Did you know we are an oily family?  We are.  We started with essential oils a couple years ago and use them just about daily now.  We started with a few that smelled good, purified the air and got rid of stinky smells.

Today we use them in homemade bug spray, lips balms, Body butters, soaps, drinking water, for upset stomachs, perfume and probably many more uses.  When Jacob trekked to Africa I sent him with a bag of oils to drink in his water to make sure he did not pick up anything crazy in his food (which he didn’t).  I took my peppermint oil, among other things, to Hawaii, and it helped with nausea on my snorkeling boat ride!!


So there are many uses.  We have used a number of different brands in the past to include a big name company with the whole multilevel markets.  While I know their oils are top notch,  their prices are not.  When you have to cut a check to three people in addition to the company when someone buys a bottle of oil, there is too much markup to me.

One of the reasons I love Rocky Mountain Oils is FREE SHIPPING!!  What?  You would not believe what I paid for shipping alone on some oils from other companies!  I love free shipping!!

Second their oils are guaranteed, even with a 90 day return policy.  But more than that, they stand behind their product and promise to have the highest quality oils in the industry!  Check out more here.

I recently grabbed a few of their roll-ons to throw in my purse or in the car.  And I love their smell as well as how long they last!  I was thrilled with my purchase and we will adding a few more shortly!!

Our family favorite oil,  and one that we share all over (our backyard, Hawaii on a boat with ladies vomitting everywhere), in the car on long rides, you get the picture –> Peppermint Oil.  Seriously my family cannot live without this one.  When we feel bad we rub in on our wrists, neck, and sometimes add a drop to water.  This seriously knocks our our upset bellies.

Lemongrass is another favorite for the smell and its effectiveness to keep bugs at bay!!

So do you use oils?  What are your favorites?

Note – this post contains affiliate links!  Thank you for supporting this blog!!


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