Butterfly Garden

I recently was able to share my experience through my butterfly garden at the Athens Library.  Here are some of the pic, and names of the plants that I talked about.  If you want more information let me know!  We are still enjoying our garden, it is a little gone by for the year, but shhhhh, don’t tell the butterflies!!

Before – our front yard was grass.


Then we killed the grass.  Then we spray painted a plan/map – beds & paths.  And tilled where our beds were going to be.


We started adding plants.  We tried to plan for enough space for them to fill in –


The filling in part may have gone a little too well.  The Sweet Potato vine went crazy!!


Some of the plants we added that did well and brought in lots of pollinators were :

Borage – annual but heavy reseeded


Bronze Fennel – Black Swallowtail Host plant – PerennialIMG_3383

Obedient Plant – some consider this invasive, easy to split & share – perennial, bees love thisIMG_4434

Mexican Sunflower – my favorite this year!  Annual, heavy reseeder.IMG_5353

Milkweed – host plant for the monarch butterfly.  IMG_5363

Turks Cap – this is pink, I have red too – this is perennial, hardy and drought tolerant.  Hummingbirds & butterflies love this IMG_5740

Zinnias – these have reseeded everywhere in my yard – the butterflies love them!!IMG_5752Those are just a few – stick around, and come back and I will update you on the butterfly garden!!

A few after shots – ignore the weeds and grass, the butterflies and bees do! 😉


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