Review : Museum Tree

Do you have a black thumb?  Or maybe you travel often and forget to set up a watering system for your plants?


Well, I have a solution to help you green up your home, without the effort of trying to keep plants alive!

Over the last few years I have learned how to keep “most” plants alive!  However, there are a number of plants that I either kill or have to fight so hard for I ask myself if the effort is worth it!!

I was offered a sample of a Museum Tree plant.  I received it in December and I was thrilled to have this lovely little green plant that I could put anywhere!  It did not require sun to keep it growing, which in the winter can sometimes be a challenge.  It did not require water, which I sometimes forget!  So I put it on our puzzle table by the light to enjoy.  And enjoy we did.

My kids were sure it was real when it arrived – it looks real.  It does not look at all like it is artificial!  I would love to have a few of these plants in a few other corners of my house that simply do not get much light!




These would be great for an office space, metal building, or for that person who wants the beauty of green plants but not the effort!!

NOTE: I received this plant in exchange for an honest review from Museum Trees!

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