DC Day #1

When you wake up at 3am for your 7am flight to find it is cancelled, you know this day is not going to go like you thought it would.

I quickly chose another flight option that was non-stop and about the same time as my original flight.  I did not realize that the new flight landed us in another airport in DC not the one I was expecting.  Silly me did not think about the change in airports until we were on our way to Dallas – then I knew I was going to have car rental issues.  Ugh!

Thankfully it is a 90 minute drive to the airport, 58 of those minutes I was not he phone with Orbitz (Which gets 5stars form me! more on that later…)  Orbitz cancelled my car reservation and got me another one for the same price! Yay!

Off we go at the airport, drop off luggage, and head to security.  My boys decided to pack their pocket knives in my carry on bag.  Security frowns up on this stuff!  Ugh.

So I had to check that bag too or throw away the knives.  I should have thrown them away (see tomorrows knife chronicle).  Off to check my bag, when I get back to security there are about 50 people waiting now.  I wait – make my way through and finally I get to sit for a few minutes and wait to board.  Full flight – all three of us got a center seat (Peter loves meeting new people – NOT).  But it was all good.




We finally land in DC, get our car and go off on our adventures : Steven Udvar-Hazy Air Museum and Arlington National Cemetery.






Both were amazing and I highly recommend them!

Then we checked in to our AirBnB – which is perfect!  Nestled in a neighborhood in Silver Springs MD – not too far from anything!

We found a local Vietnamese place for supper and it was amazing too!  Peter requested that we come back!

Early to bed for a long day tomorrow…

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