Malawi Day 5 & 6 (Monday, Tuesday)


This day we were supposed to all head to the hospital to prep & paint the maternity ward.  However, since the weekend was non-stop, Elizabeth decided to leave us at home to sleep a bit while she went with some of the guys here to prep and get everything ready.  Fortunately for us, Chifundo knows a painter and he met them there as well.  They were able to prep and paint the entire room (full of people) in one day.

The interesting part of this adventure was that the room was occupied while they painted.  The beds were filled with children.  So first, before prepping started, they had to move beds from one side of the room to the other.  Prepped that side and painted it, then moved the beds back.  Next, they moved the beds from the other side of the room out of the way and prepped and painted that side.  Talk about some back breaking work!  

It was a success though and looked so much better!  They were able to talk with some of the patients as well.  Elizabeth brought over some knit gloves and fidget spinners and she shared some of these with the patients and families who were at the hospital.

Meanwhile back at home, the boys and I got some much needed sleep and a little down time.  We downloaded pictures (lots of them) and I tried to start writing notes on our adventures.

Day 6 (Tuesday)

Today was scheduled to be day #2 at the hospital painting.  However since they were so efficient yesterday we got to play today.  Tuesday is also half price pizza at a pizza place in town.  Last year Jacob enjoyed the pizza here and wanted to take us too.  Nearby is a hotel that has wifi you can pay to use as well.  So that was our day.  We hung out at the hotel and got our wifi fix!  

We also started filling out a visa application for Lucy so she can come to the US to visit and raise support for the Elephant and all that they are currently doing in Malawi.

This is the day I was able to post some photos to Facebook and updates on my blog!  Some evidence of all that we were doing!

Part of my day was going with Chifundo to an internet cafe too – no what I was expecting!  Think closet with dividers and about 4 feet of personal space to sit at a computer.  If a room could hold 4 computers with people comfortably, they had about 10 spots!  It was crazy too me!  Men in suits in there (doing work?), youth (doing school?) and then just regular people.  It was another adventure!!

But we were not able to figure out the Visa application, so we planned to tackle that again another day!

Pizza was fun, and different.  We ordered Peri Peri Chicken, BBQ Beef, Chicken Tika, and Boerworse (meat & tomato).  The fun part was that our driver Cryton experienced pizza with us, for his first time!  The funniest part was he was using a knife and fork!  This is funny because they eat with their hands all the time!!  

After pizza we ordered some ice cream from a restaurant called Steers!  (This Burger King, but they do not do it your way)  This was Cryton’s first Ice cream too.  The sweetest part was he saved some to take home to his 2 year old daughter!  It was a great night!


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