Looking for 12 People

First, I want to tell you about Lucy.

IMG_1068 Lucy is married to Chifundo and she is the woman on the ground in Malawi that represents The Elephant.  She cooks our food at the house, she takes care of food on the road, and she is the deal finder in the market for food or for take home stuff!!

Lucy plays a vital role with our team and with her family.  She does not have a “job” per se, but she works like few of us do here in America.  She is always trying to make money for her and Chifundo or to help her extended family, or to help the people who live near her.  She supports her brother who is about to start attending University, he was about to take his high school level exams the day we left Malawi.  She also supports another man, Douglas – who helps around the house.  By helping I mean she feeds them, keeps them clothed, and with the things they need (minutes on their cel phones, etc).  In exchange both men help out around the house (cleaning, laundry, etc).  Meanwhile Lucy is out reselling things that come her way (furniture, clothing, etc) or things she purchases while in South Africa.


She is an amazing woman who speaks such truth all the time.  Just sitting around talking about life, she preaches.  Seriously.  However it never feels forced, only natural.  She is an inspiration to me.  She has learned to walk by faith in her life through many trials that she has faced.  When hard things come her way, she prays and trusts that God will provide an opportunity, and he always does!

So here is what I am trying to do, and I NEED your help!!  Lucy wants to open a shop.  She makes occasional trips to South Africa and is able to purchase things there that she can bring back and resell.  She wants to rent a space full time, and sell those items there. She can bring back hair extensions (everyone who can afford them, has them – and in Malawi they are about $6).  She designs her own dresses and has a tailor who makes them.  She could have these made and sell them.


She needs seed money though.  She cannot take out a loan like we can – to start her business.  So The Elephant wants to get her started.  Once she starts, this business will not only help support her immediate and extended family – it will help support others nearby.  She will  need to hire someone to help her work the store.  She will increase the work for her tailor Alfred, and so on.  It will ripple far beyond where we can anticipate right now.


I want to find 12 people who are willing to donate (tax deductible) $60.  What will you get?  I will mail or deliver a subscription box to you – at no cost, as a thank you!  Then you will get an update with photos once her store is open and running.  I plan to have a plaque hanging in her shop that mentions those who gave to start this business, as well.  This is a real life example of teaching someone to fish – not just giving them a fish.  By helping Lucy get started this will impact a number of people and will help support an amazing family living for the Lord every day and discipling people all over Malawi!!

If you are interested please email me directly, I prefer checks made out to the Elephant.  You will get a tax-deductible donation receipt in return as well.  I would love to do this as soon as possible!!  Thank you so much!!

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