Day 1 {to Maine}

The first day is usually the easiest and when you leave on a Sunday it is for sure!  We started off about 6am with the oldest child behind the wheel!  Crazy!!


We made our way through Louisiana, Mississippi, and into Alabama to stop in Gladsden.  Not a bad little town, lots of hotels and a decent Walmart.



The most valuable learned lesson of today was how amazing a Nerf football is to have at the pool!!  The boys played for about 2 hours with another father and his son and their two friends – it was fun watching them.  The nerf football weighs about 10lb more than it should but it was worth it!7722069888_IMG_2097

Tonight we had Taco Salad in the room.  We brought pre-cooked & seasoned taco meat, a pre-made bag of salad, salsa, shredded cheese and guacamole.  Mixed it all together and dinner was served!  It was perfect, healthy, yummy and CHEAP!!


We are all excited to be heading North East!!


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