Book Review : Christmas by the Sea

If you have read my blog for very long, you know that we love to go to Maine every year!  You might also know that I thoroughly enjoy reading Christmas books in the fall, leading into the Christmas season!


This year Melody Carlson’s book Christmas by the Sea was offered to me and you know I snapped it right up!!  The best of two of my favorites!!

Christmas by the Sea is a sweet story of a widowed mom who is taking her son to Maine. The goal of the trip is to determine the state of the beach house she spent summers in as a child, so that she can sell the house and pay off debts.  Spending the summers at this house filled her childhood with countless memories that she still remembers fondly, but she Wendy knows that there is no way she can actually live in this quaint summer tourist town!

Caleb, Wendy’s 12 year old son has other plans.  He’s packed everything he cares about into their car for their “two week trip” with high hopes of making this a permanent move.  Caleb falls in love immediately with the ocean, the coast, the house and everything else about Seaside, where their cottage is.

Surprised that her grandfather did more to the cottage than she expected, Wendy realizes that she will be able to sell it quickly, after a few fix-ups.  As she is getting the place fixed up Wendy also remembers her creative passions and begins creating things with the finds that she and Caleb bring back after their daily beach combing trips.

This is a sweet story on so many levels.  I loved seeing how Wendy and Caleb settle in quite quickly into their little cottage, even though she things they will be leaving soon.  I loved seeing Caleb find his joy again, since losing his father a few years ago.  And I love seeing how Wendy lets her heart find love again.

This is a quick read, with a sweet story.  I loved the scenery and the picture that Melody Carlson paints of Seaside, the cottage and more.  Every detail is right on with what I know and have experienced in Maine!

I recommend this sweet story, it would make a great read for you, or a great Christmas present for the reader in your life!

NOTE : I received a free digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion.


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