Book Review : Code of Valor

When looking for a good book do you prefer a fast paced thriller that will leave you wondering who is the good guy and who is the bad guy? If so, I have a book for you!

Code of Valor is Lynette Eason’s third book in the Blue Justice Series and it does not disappoint! We reconnect with the St. John Family who has been throughout this series in Oath of Honor and Code to Protect. (reviews HERE and HERE). I love the St. John family – they are a passionate family that, mostly, works together, all throughout the police force and in the local hospital. Their family unity reminds me of Blue Bloods – which is one of my favorite shows! I am a sucker for family meals!

Code of Valor focuses on Brady St. John who is on the police force and is a rescue diver. He comes to the rescue for Emily Chastain when one of the many bad guys kidnaps her and attempts to kill her. She is not sure why they are targeting her or what they think she knows. Emily is a criminal investigator for the bank and thinks she may be on to something suspicious going on at her bank.

This is a super fast paced story that keeps Emily and Brady on the run, while getting to know each other. Many of Brady’s siblings are brought into the fray through injuries (sister Ruthie at the hospital), Linc and Derek (brothers in law enforcement) as they all try to figure out what is going on and who is behind everything.

I love reading Ms. Eason’s books, they grab you and don’t let you go until the last page, and only then leave you waiting for the next book!! She writes about characters with more going on than you first think. Her characters are wrestling with who they are and where they have been, but the best part is that they are walking it out with the Lord, or on their way to finding him.

You could start the series with Code of Valor (book 3), but you will want to go back and check out 1 & 2 once you get into the story! The St. John family is awesome and watching them do life inspires me!

Note: I received a copy of Code of Valor in exchange for an honest review.

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