Book review : Only You Can Be You

My kids may be taller than me and think they are all grown up, but I still read to them. Sometimes I have to bribe them to listen, sometimes I do it in the car with an audio book (think captive audience).

When I opened the package with this book I would not help but read it out loud to my people. I just love this book so much!! Surprisingly, they listened too!

In. a world where the message is that you need to look and act like everyone else, Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan Clarkson have written another book to help kids (of all ages) realize they are perfect with all their differences and quirks!! Only You Can Be You

I included this picture with my sweet kitty, because, well she’s cute. But also because she is so very different, she is a polydactyl cat with 24 toes. Yes, 24 toes! She cracks us up all the time. But I wanted to share that her differences endear her to us in so many ways!! And that is the same with our sons, daughters, sisters and brothers. What makes us unique makes us amazing!

The illustrations in this book are just perfect! And the story will grab each and every child and speak to their heart!

I love Sally and Nathan Clarkson and their hearts to share God’s love with everyone!

NOTE : I received a copy of Only You Can Be You in exchange for an honest review.

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