Review : The Rank Game

One of our favorite things to put under our tree. is family games. Every year I try to find a new game that we can all play. This year I was honored to be able to get my hands on a photo-type of a new game!

There is a kickstarter currently going on for this great game!!

With this game, there are cards with different words that are related. Each player ranks the words and tries to guess what other people rank them. It is a great game to encourage conversation and a great “Get to know you” game for youth groups, families or any other group.

We cannot wait to get a copy of the game! I am sure it will be a family favorite!!

Check out their KICKSTARTER campaign HERE!

NOTE : I received a photo-type of this game so that I could give an honest review.


THE RANK GAME is designed by Dana Brown, a former Walt Disney Imagineer, and Chip Brown, a former Disney Studios producer and Christian publisher, to engage the diverse backgrounds, interests, personalities and opinions of every player. By celebrating our individualism, THE RANK GAME actually brings people together, through rich conversation and competition.  Created for groups of all sizes, THE RANK GAME leverages our own social behaviors—ranking the things or experiences in our lives.

For example, rank the four seasons:     A) fall  B) spring  C) summer D) winter

Your ranking might be different from mine, and we’re likely passionate about why. In THE RANK GAME, players must guess one another’s rankings to get points and win the game. IT’S THAT SIMPLE.

THE RANK GAME is easy to play at home, on long car trips, on the beach, at a restaurant… ANYWHERE! The game quickly gets people off their phones and TALKING with one another in eye-to-eye, real world gameplay. This results in people getting to know each other better.  Friends, families, corporate groups or church groups use it to facilitate conversation and “break the ice” at social gatherings.

THE RANK GAME is the first of five new games currently in production or development by Storyastic.

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