Book Review: Elysium Tide

James Hannibal is an amazingly talented person and a fantastic writer! I love his fast paced books, his ever twisting plot lines, and of course his characters are next level!

I have read many of his books and I always get excited to find there is a new one available!

Elysium Tide launches with an overly arrogant doctor in surgery bullying a colleague for an accident. This quickly puts him on a path for a little R&R at a medical conference. Lucky for Peter his talent and abilities keep the hospital from firing him, but R&R is the last thing he wants!

Upon arriving in Hawaii (yeah rough R&R spot) he finds himself in the middle of a massive crime situation and cannot help himself. His insanely sharp brain cannot help but throw Peter into the crime scene to try and help solve it. Lisa is the lead detective and she is from the island originally. The two start off as adversaries but she quickly realizes the value he brings to the crime scene.

I really enjoyed the story – super fast paced and you have to pay attention or you might miss something! I loved seeing Peter transform from the tightly wound perfectionist into a normal person valuing the people around him. Lisa has a few catalyst moments too as she grapples with her past, her co-workers and her island.

I highly recommend Elysium Tide, or any other book by James Hannibal, you will thank me!

NOTE: In accordance with FTC guidelines, MHM Buzz will always disclose where products being reviewed originate.  Often, we review books/products provided for free by publishers, whether ARC’s (advanced reading copies) or post-publication.  However, MHM Buzz does not, nor do any of its book review authors, receive any compensation for reviews.  All product reviews are voluntary, my personal opinion and not required for receipt of the product. I received a complimentary electronic copy of Sunburst.

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