Our Honey Bee Adventures Continue!


We now teach classes January thru April on beekeeping!  Let us know if you would like to sign up to take our class!  We offer a one day class where we go from Honey Bee Biology all the  way to managing pests in the hive.  The morning is spent in the classroom, and we finish up with a couple hours in the bee yard doing hive inspections and getting a little hands on time.




In 2015 we harvested our first REAL honey – getting 5 + gallons!!  Woo Hoo!!  We were pretty thrilled!!  In 2016 we got about 30 gallons, in 2017, we got even more!  We now have hives on 3 different properties and look to expand in the future.

As of 2022 we are running 5 bee yards. – and maintaining about 50 hives.  We now sell hives as well as teach classes.  For more information please email us at

Check out our Beekeeping Blog Posts HERE.


3 thoughts on “Beekeeping

  1. I’m interested in joining the bee keeping classes,please send me your mailing address and I’ll mail you a money order for the 100 dollar fee,or if you have credit card service please send it.

  2. Hi there! My husband wants to get into bee keeping on our homestead in mabank. I am wanting to surprise him with a set up for Christmas and your classes. I saw a complete 10 frame hive for begginers at the feed store, the brand is little giant. Would you recommend i get this starter kit? I just have no idea where to begin!

    1. Hi Lisa, Can you email me at Janelle(dot) I do not recommend getting equipment from the feed store for a couple reasons. But email me or call me at (817) nine nine nine – 5215
      Would love to connect with you!

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