Book review : Only You Can Be You

My kids may be taller than me and think they are all grown up, but I still read to them. Sometimes I have to bribe them to listen, sometimes I do it in the car with an audio book (think captive audience).

When I opened the package with this book I would not help but read it out loud to my people. I just love this book so much!! Surprisingly, they listened too!

In. a world where the message is that you need to look and act like everyone else, Sally Clarkson and her son Nathan Clarkson have written another book to help kids (of all ages) realize they are perfect with all their differences and quirks!! Only You Can Be You

I included this picture with my sweet kitty, because, well she’s cute. But also because she is so very different, she is a polydactyl cat with 24 toes. Yes, 24 toes! She cracks us up all the time. But I wanted to share that her differences endear her to us in so many ways!! And that is the same with our sons, daughters, sisters and brothers. What makes us unique makes us amazing!

The illustrations in this book are just perfect! And the story will grab each and every child and speak to their heart!

I love Sally and Nathan Clarkson and their hearts to share God’s love with everyone!

NOTE : I received a copy of Only You Can Be You in exchange for an honest review.

Holly Lane Jewelry (review)

I love jewelry!! I particularly favor silver and I like pieces that are not the same as what everyone else. is wearing. Otherwise I am not too picky! ­čÖé

I was pretty excited to get to pick out a piece of jewelry to try out so I can tell you what I really think!!

Below is a video of me opening my package, but first let me tell you how gorgeous this jewelry was wrapped!! It felt like a lovely gift! It was so pretty and so personally prepared! And I loved the necklace too – the length of the chain was exactly what I wanted and I just loved the design!

If you want to see some behind the scenes of how they make each piece check out this video

I love my piece : The Lotus! And guess what? I have a special discount code just for you!! Code 20FORYOU will get you 20% off your order – and they have some ADORABLE stuff for Christmas!!!

Company Description:

Our line of sterling silver Christian jewelry is intentionally designed to create opportunities to share Christ with others, and to be worn as a personal reflection of faith. Each piece is designed in central Virginia by jewelry artist Tiffany Scott who has based her designs on verses from the Bible in order to bring comfort to the wearer and be a representation of God’s promises. These unique designs are meant to catch the attention of others and spark conversation about the verses they are based on.┬á

Product Line Description:

Each piece of verse-based Holly Lane jewelry comes with a Story Card that features the verse reference on the front, and an explanation of the design’s significance┬áon the back. Tiffany’s love for semiprecious gemstones shows through in her use of many different gems throughout the line. The Holly Lane line is designed so that the customer can put together┬átheir own personal combination of pendants, chains and bead drops based on the promises they are holding on to and how God is currently speaking to them in their lives.

Note : I received my necklace in exchange for an honest review – and I love it!!

Book Review : She Prays

I’ve heard that it takes between 21 and 28 days to change a habit or start a new one. I honestly don’t care which is true, I just know that it will take time when I am trying to change my natural inclination to do something.

I’m not sure about you, but I have recently felt like my prayer life is not what it could be. Not that I feel pressure to add something or do something better, simply that my communication with the Lord is not all that it could be. So when She Prays came along I was excited to read through this book and see if it would start to shift my prayer life to a better place.

Debbie Lindell has written She Prays as a 31 day devotion book – to help the reader really focus on a better prayer life. This “better” is so unique to each and every person, it is not something we can check out with our friends or even family. This better is simply better for us. Ms. Lindell explores different aspects of our prayer life and our faith life and makes it easy to understand the simplicity of a life of talking with the Lord.

This is sweet book that can take you, the reader into a deeper walk with the Lord. Each chapter has a section to journal thoughts about the chapter or in response to the questions that are asked at the end. I enjoyed this book, and I think if you use this book to help you improve your prayer life over 30 days, it will be better and your relationship will be stronger.

NOTE: I received a copy of She Prays in exchange for my honest thoughts.


One of the most wonderful things about walking with God is that we can have an intimate and real relationship with him. But how do we know where to begin?

In She Prays, Debbie Lindell invites you on a 31-day journey to experience a confident and conversational relationship with your heavenly Father. Her desire is that your soul will be transformed as your confidence in prayer grows, and that your faith will be strengthened as you see God work through your prayers in ways you never imagined possible.

Book Review : Strong Brave Loved

Disclaimer : I LOVE Holley Gerth!! I have loved and devoured every book by her and really felt inspired and loved.

This adorable devotion style book has 60 chapters. Each chapter has a central truth that Holley teaches on, then there is an area to record thoughts or answers to her questions.

I honestly have loved reading through this book, I love how Holley writes and the passion of her words. I also love how beautiful this book is. If you have read other books by her like Fiercehearted or Hope Your Heart Needs or What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days or You are Already Amazing.

This would make a wonderful Christmas gift for a friend, sister, mother or really any woman you love!!

NOTE: I received a copy of Strong Brave Loved in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review : 100 Ways to Love your Husband

When a couple chooses to get married, little do they know, when they stand before the congregation, how much work this decision will require. When we see couples who have been married for decades it is hard to realize all the work that has gone on behind the scenes, but if you ask them, they will tell you it was tremendous!

Lisa Jacobson has delivered a book that will help you be more intentional and focused on the work of investing in your marriage and specifically communicating love to your husband. The book has 100 different suggestions of simple acts to show love to your husband. None of the ideas are earth shattering, but the book is a fantastic tool to help you be more intentional and focus on being kind and loving.

This book would lend itself to being used like a devotion book and reading through an idea and the summary along with it. Then spending some time praying about creative ways to follow through with the suggestions.

NOTE: I received a copy of 100 Ways to Love your Husband in exchange for an honest review.

More about the book

Couples with great marriages know one simple truth: the best marriages are made up of many everyday decisions that say, “I love you” rather than those that say, “I love me.” When we put the other person first, even in little ways, we find true fulfillment.

This book offers wives practical, hands-on advice to start applying immediately. Maybe you are just entering into marriage and want to start off on the right foot. Maybe you have made some mistakes along the way and are struggling to connect. Or maybe you want your marriage to go from good to great. Wherever you currently are in your relationship, let Lisa Jacobson help you learn how to love your husband well.

Author Bio

Lisa Jacobson is an author, a speaker, and the founder and host of, a powerful online community of Christian women authors who write weekly on the topics of husband, home, family, and biblical truths–a powerful voice for biblical womanhood. Her combined social media platforms have a reach well over 1 million viewers/visitors per month. She is the author of 100 Words of Affirmation Your Husband Needs to Hear. She lives with her husband, Matt, in the Pacific Northwest where they have raised their eight children.