Scholarship time

We were excited to find out that Jacob was going to earn an HCLS scholarship at the Live Stock Show last week, but we did not know what to expect. We knew most of the awards were about $1000. So when Jacob was awarded the Joe B Fulgham award – which goes to one boy and one girl – we were pretty excited! This award brings a $2500 scholarship!

We are so thankful for everything Jacob has experienced through the Henderson County Livestock Show – it has been an absolute joy to watch him grow and learn through his projects!!

Certainly bittersweet that this was his last!!

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2019 HCLS

Since we moved to Malakoff in 2010, our family has been very involved with the Henderson County Livestock show. We have shown broiler chickens, meat rabbits, a heifer, market & breeding goats, breeding rabbits, and several small projects the kids have made.

Through the years we have learned so much, had some successes and lots of disappointments. No matter what the year holds as far as animals we are showing, I know my kids have learned more life lessons through their animals projects than just about anything else. Watching them pour their hearts and all their efforts into raising a healthy animals has been a joy. They love their animals (usually). Anyway, even though this was all new to us in 2010, we have really jumped in with both feet and thoroughly enjoyed all of it!!

This year Eli showed a market goat. Unfortunately he did not make sale with it – mostly because Anna’s market goat died about 3 weeks ago. The two were big buddies – and when Custer died, Everett stopped eating. Needless to say he was not the goat he should have been at the show. So he came home with us, and will be grazing and eating to get a little bigger. Then we will have a 4h party at our place and serve smoked cabrito!

Anna showed a pen of meat rabbits, she did not do real well, so we brought them home too and hope to breed them soon, and maybe we will start eating some rabbit? She also showed breeding rabbits, well sort of. Her sr buck lost a toe right before the show, so we borrowed a rabbit from our breeder, for the show and she won 1st place! Yay! However, she was one of the 130 mini rex rabbits – so we are going to find another breed to start raising! Maybe Polish? They are another small breed in several cool colors.

Lastly this year, Anna submitted several projects in the project show : a painting, an embroidered tea towel, a batch of fudge, and a succulent arrangement. She earned 3 best of division ribbons and sold two of her projects for a total of $200! Eli showed his hand carved chickens and a model airplane and received 2 blue ribbons. Overall it was a fun week, but exhausting!!

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4h Practice

Today was a great chance to practice for some upcoming 4H competitions!!


We got these girls together to sew a few zipper bags, so they could learn how to use zippers in general.  Each girl sewed a bag that will go into a Samaritan’s Purse box for a Christmas gift in two weeks.  They learned and they gave!!IMG_6017

They were also able to take the fabric home to make another for them to keep!  So fun to watch them improve their skills!!IMG_6018

I love that they made these to give away!!IMG_6019

These three teens practiced for the Food Challenge too!  Lots of practice, lots of fun!!  Today was a good day!!

Go 4h!!

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Non-Traditional Thanksgiving {AKA Redneck Thanksgiving}

Yes, you read that right.  We enjoyed a Non-Traditional Thanksgiving this year – Redneck Style.

Since we did the turkey and sides on Tuesday with the whole family, we were thrilled to accept the invitation for Taco Salad and Guns for today!!  Robert was working, so he did not join us.  Jacob was dropped at the airport earlier this morning on his way to DC.

So the rest of us headed to the Cook Corral for some fun!


I admit, dropping my boy off at the airport, to go with 28 strangers to DC was kind of hard.  He was extremely anxious about going with people he has never met, flying without any family, and the whole idea of this trip.  His anxiety caused me to almost lose it as I was already anxious about his going too!  But I kept things under wraps, dropped him off, and headed to Larue for some food, friends and guns.

You know you are at the Redneck Thanksgiving when you spy this:


You had your pick of rifle or pistol depending on which range was open



There was lots of fun had!!  The guys shot skeet, pistols and a few other rifles.  Daddies helped the younger ones.


This was Peter’s pistol shooting – 100%


Can you see all the shells on the ground?  This is when the younger men arrived (aka teenagers) they sure had some fun!  The clays had no chance against these guys!img_0626

So much to be thankful for, friends, their family, and then a gorgeous sunset.


It was a good day!

{I cannot believe I did not take a single picture of food! We loved our easy Build Your Own Taco Salad bar}

Live Stock Show {Judging}

I cannot believe the Live Stock Show is over and we are already thinking about next year!  We plan to start building a new chicken coop next month, the boys and their father are going to attend a Show Chicken Workshop at A&M and we are planning our strategy while we can still remember this year’s plan.


Well, here are a few pictures of the week, this was Saturday morning when the kids all participated in a Live Stock Judging Competition.  First, we have a all-boy team:


Then our mixed team :


Since there were only 2 teams our kids got 1st & 2nd!!

The boys got 1st and the mixed got 2nd!

DSC_0919 DSC_0922

And we are looking forward to competing again in the future!!

{More livestock show pics and info to come…}

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