Introducing Jade & Kerria

These sweet girls arrived at our place on Wednesday morning about 4am.


Needless to say, we are smitten!!


They are super cute, very attached to one another, and they love to get scratched and loved on!!

img_2449Both are girls, Jade is the brown one, first born, Kerria is the black one and second.  Both named after flowers!!

I am afraid both may end up staying, so hard to say goodbye when they are so cute and might make great mamas!!

The County Show

What an exciting, wonderful, and exhausting week we just had!  Wow!


I do think this is one of our favorite weeks of the year, but by the end we are seriously exhausted!!

This year we did a bit more than we have int he past, and will probably do even more next year!!  First, we added rabbits to our show-line up.  Eli and Anna both showed Mini-rex breeding rabbits.

Getting the rabbits checked in
5th place Sr Buck

Of course we showed our broiler chickens.

Eli’s holders!
Jacob and his holders Jonathan and Patrick
Judging time
Sweet girls holding chickens

Then we actually submitted projects and listed them for the auction.

Eli’s cupcake Stand
Anna’s Flower Pot
Peter’s Hanging Herb Planter
Jacob’s Observation Hive
Anna’s Decorated Jar
Auction – see that beekeeper selling his hive?

We did it again!


Well, we have another baby to introduce!!


We added sweet Iris to our farm last week when a friend called to see if I wanted her.  Her momma would not let her nurse, or really have anything at all to do with her.  So sad.

But we are excited, we are already smitten with her! She has no idea she is a goat, and right now that is ok with us.


We are bottle feeding her.  She lives with us, sleeping in a dog crate in the laundry room.


Not sure she is going to like finding out she is a goat.  But we will cross that bridge when we get to it!    Meanwhile we love this little blue eyed beauty!!


Goat Milk Fun

Oh my goodness we are loving out goat milk!!


We are drinking it, making smoothies, making a soft chess and recently we made Mozerella and Ricotta!!  Oh my!!

We are loving these sweet girls!

Here as a few pics of our mozzarella – who knew it only takes a few hours to turn milk into cheese!!  We loved our dinner of Eggplant Parmesan (more like lasagna) with our fresh cheese!! ( I forgot to get a pic of the final log of mozzarella that we sliced for our dinner – but it looked like the stuff from the store!)

IMG_3922 IMG_3924

Here are my girls after getting milked, their babies trying to get their breakfast!!IMG_3930

We have been eating this yummy cheese on our eggs at breakfast, sprinkled on greens for lunch and over grilled chicken at dinner!!  We mixed some with a dried Kale spice blend and we loved it!!

I wanted a milk cow, but quickly realized that milk goats were the way to go with Eli’s Asthma issues, but I was still worried that milking goats every day would be a bit bothersome.  Honestly, I love milking in the mornings.  No matter how rushed my morning is milling takes the same amount of time.  I cannot rush it.  I have to slow down and just milk.  And for this type-A rush rush rush person, milking time is a time to take a deep breath, enjoy the calm barn and just milk my girls.  I love it!  It is almost therapy!!  But free, and I get milk!!

So come on by and try some fresh goat milk or cheese!!

Chickens, Eggs & More Chickens

From our first hen, we kind of hoped one would be broody and want to sit on eggs.  But, to no avail.  They all lay well, but while the kids often claim one is sitting, she really just laid and it resting.

That all changed about 2 weeks ago.  And it seems to be in the water now.

3 nesting hens

(an aerial shot of my three girls)

We have three, yes THREE hens laying on eggs.  I do not think they care whose eggs they are – they might even be sharing.  It started with one hen, our bantam Japanese something or other.  She started sitting on a few eggs, none of them were hers, I might add.

Then another bantam came along to join the fun, our White Frizzle.  She is a mangy thing these days, not completely sure why she has lost many feathers, but she is cute, and happy on eggs.  And finally another bantam Aracana joined the party.


In case you are new to chickens, Bantams are the smaller ones, they look just like the  normal size ones of their breed, but are more like miniatures.  So it is kind of funny that these three smaller girls are laying on about 10-12 eggs, and only one is a Bantam egg – the rest were laid in the coop by other hens and these girls went and rolled it to their “nest.”

egg nest

What a hoot!  And watch out if you are another hen and you get close, their feathers stand up, the start making a noise unlike a chicken normally makes, and they will defend those eggs!!

back in place

(the eggs don’t even really fit under them,

see the green one peeking out?)

Not sure any will hatch, not really sure we want any to hatch.  But it is clear we have a few broody hens, and they are doing a great job!!

* I should mention, all three of these hens were not originally ours either, they were passed along by some friends a few months ago.  But they have been a very welcome addition to our flock!!  And they seem to be happily adjusting too!  Thank you to the Kincaid family for the new hens!!