First Market {Keep Athens Beautiful}

This past weekend was my first time to take my soap to a market style booth!  From 9am until about 3pm I talked with people about goat milk soap and bees!  Oh my!  Who knew so many people would want to talk about bees?IMG_6084IMG_6085IMG_6086

Both my boys gave presentations.  Jacob spoke twice about Honey Bees, while Peter talked about drawing pollinators to your garden.  Both put a lot of work into their talks and delivered them really well!!  I was pretty proud to hear great comments from our Master Gardener friends!

jacob kab 2kab jacob 4kab peter 1

Meanwhile I talked to many people more about bees and then alls bout Goat Milk Soap!  We sold a good bit, had lots of fun and went home very tired!

We plan to be at Athens Organic Open House on April 2nd and would love to see our local friends!  Come out and smell some yummy soap!!

And check out these sweet jars that my little girl made!!  She loves making these decorated jars!!


Hope to see you soon at my booth!!

Girl’s Weekend

So we do not do a girl’s weekend like some mothers and daughters.  No.  Ours looks like this:


We get some orange

Then we go somewhere gorgeous :



Play a litle pool

IMG_4372 IMG_4388

Ride out to a deer blind

Find a doe that needs to be harvested (in order to ensure the others can grow strong and healthy)


And woohoo – we are having fun!!

We thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Cerrito Prieto in Encinada (near Laredo)


We even rid the ranch of one coyote!


We enjoyed out time there with 9 other young ladies between 9-17 years old.


And I am proud that this girl helped process her doe with this amazing young woman (Linda)


We had a wonderful weekend – amazing sunsets and sunrises, birds I have never seen before, lots of sweet young ladies!  And just overall fun!

Look at that smile!!  She loved it!


Then she crashed – wore her out!!
IMG_4461On the way home, she caught up one some more sleep:



It seems I am more motivated when we travel than when we are home, when it comes to fun school/educational stuff.

We have so much fun stuff planned for this trip!  But what I am most excited about right now is our nature/art journals.  Yes, I am merging the two.  I hope that we make entries each day on the nature side, whether sketching something we see, or journaling what we want to remember.  Also, I plan for us to do an art page each day.  I am using tons of suggestions from Art Projects for Kids – a favorite blog of mine!!

So, I invested in some new journals – the kind with blank pages.  I found our sat Hobby Lobby for a fair price, and no shipping!! 

So, I unhinged the spirally part on the back, took off the covers so we could decorate them and then cover them with contact paper to protect them.  Then I dug out some nature-ish paper, some stickers (from my scrapbook days) and we got busy!!

journal 2

journal 3journal 4journal 5

I love how they turned out, and I cannot wait for us to work on them once we get to Maine!!  What a treasure these books will be when they are full!!  I am hoping for the kids to make some gratitude journal entries in there too!!  Yes, we are using these books for many purposes!!

We have tried journals in the past, but I always used composition books with lines and all.  I am hoping the blank pages elevate the “value” of these books – I hope the kids really want to own them!

Crafty Christmas

So, while we are still trying to savor Thanksgiving, I am up to my elbows making Christmas crafts!

Normally, I am done about September, making Christmas crafts, this year I started a few weeks ago.  So, you can imagine how much fun I had recently spending half my day making some crafts!!

Going back to Pinterest, I saw this:

and loved it!  So here are a few of my versions :


another Christmas tea wreath


clothes pins for tea bags

Then I saw this:

Pinned Image

and I knew AG needed one, and my sweet niece too, so here they are:turkey tshirt                    turkey tshirt 2

I cannot wait to see these two sweet girls in their shirts!!

Planning Time

It’s Wednesday in our week of “vacation” of sorts.  The other little girl who schools with us is on vacation, so we are taking a bit of a break too.   It is nice to get a break every now and then, especially to make you appreciate what you have!!

The extra time I have had has been spent researching a plan for November and December.  While we will keep on track with regular school in November, I wanted to incorporate something dealing with Gratitude and also with the history behind Thanksgiving.  I found a couple different things for these topics, but my favorite, and the one I think we will use is Attitude of Gratitude Lapbook.  It is a 12 lesson plan with some great ideas!! 


We will also listen to, and read Thanksgiving A Time To Remember by Barbara Rainey – this is a family favorite!  The book is awesome, but the audio drama is our favorite part!  We listen every year! 

So with the history part covered by our book & CD, and the gratitude part covered by our lapbook, I think I have a plan!!

For December, we continue to do math, but we take a break from Ambleside (our normal schedule) and take the month to “play & learn” Christmas style.  So, yesterday the kids and I came up with the 25 activities for our Advent Activity Plan.   We listed out 25 things we want to do in the month of December, now I will type them up and put them in numbered enveloped for us to open each day. 

In the past, this seemed like a lot to do.  I kind of avoided this.  But this year, I think with our additional student I feel more inclined to make sure we are not skipping/missing something fun, that with a tiny bit of planning, could be lots of fun!

You can see our download of 25 Advent Activities if you want to see what we are “planning” to do.  I tried to keep the list manageable so that we do make a point to do them, many days are reading one of our Christmas books, or even a few movies sprinkled in – they are not in any order, in a few days I will order them according to our calendar. 

I try to add a Christmas movie to our collection each year, and a few books too.  This year I added from : Polar Express, Owl  Moon, and God Gave Us Christmas. (I think they were .75cents each – with additional for shipping)  I put up all our Christmas books with the decorations each year too, to keep them fresh each year.