Fire Cider Prep

It is time.  Last year I missed this time and it was too late.  But right now you have time to mix up some fire cider, let it sit/brew/ferment whatever you want to call it so that when the flu starts hitting you have it.


This stuff is amazing!!

First you need to know that there are tons of recipes out there but you need to make yours YOUR way.  A couple reasons for this : ingredients might be hard to find, you might not like a certain thing at all, or you may want to add some things.

I happen to have fresh rosemary and jalapeños from my garden, so I used those and did not buy a habanero – or any other pepper.   I hope to grow my own garlic this year so I do not have to buy that either!  What I did buy, in this case, I bought organic.  I felt that since we are relying on this to fight off bugs and viruses I wanted to use the best ingredients.


This video is by the lady that started Fire Cider in the 80’s and I love it because as she adds ingredients she explains what that ingredient is doing for you and your body!

Once you mix everything you want in you jar and add your vinegar, you need to let it sit on the counter about 4 weeks.  I try to mix it up daily.  After that I will strain everything out and put it in glass jars in the refrigerator.  This stuff is good for up to a year!


My next concoction that I have made is a fermented garlic in honey!  Oh my goodness it smells amazing!!  I cannot wait to try it as soon as I finish this whole30!!

Here it is after about a week – you can see the garlic is softening and changing as the honey gets into it!


The honey was thick but is now very thin and runny as well.IMG_3145

This is a new jar with more garlic. – you can see the garlic is still very whole (even though I smashed it) but it has not let the honey really seep in yet.IMG_3148

Here are all my current fermentations.  I have 2 jars of honey and garlic.  I have 2 half gallon jars of my Fire Cider.  A 1/2 gallon of kombucha in a second ferment and there is a gallon jar missing with my current kombucha.  IMG_3149

This is a real medicine corner!!  With no scary side effects!!




Kid Updates

{If you don’t want to hear all about the adventures of my kids, please feel free to skip}

Lately it seems like continues to hold me captive with busyness!!  The kids have been super busy, in a good way, but we are looking forward to a few weeks of no contests, interviews, etc!  Maybe we will stay home and get some real schooling done!!

Jacob and Peter continue to spend a lot of time advertising for Texas Brigades – trying to earn their way back as a leader to the camps next summer, earn some scholarship money, and earn an early-bird hunt!!

IMG_5543So we have been running around from the Wildlife Committee’s Fall Rendezvous, the Fish Hatchery, 4H clubs, and more that I am certainly forgetting!

Each time they do this they share their Brigade experiences and encourage other youths to apply.  This is an amazing program and you can read more about it on Jacob’s blog post, Peter’s blog post, or my post.

4H has kept us running too.

IMG_5506The kids did Plant ID at TVCC, then at the East Texas State Fair.

IMG_5696Then we did Livestock Judging at the State Fair of Texas, followed by the Interview competition there as well.


All have been great competitions and great experience!

Peter brought home 2 ribbons from the East Texas State Fair for photography entries!


Peter also bought a goat with Calf Scramble money from Henderson County.  His first show the East Texas State Fair – we have a long way to go, but we like Harvey (after the hurricane) and look forward to a great season of showing with him!!


Jacob earned the Gold Star award through 4H


Meanwhile Anna has gotten back to sewing.

IMG_4353 She completed her first quilt over the summer, and it working on some table runners for Christmas presents now!

IMG_4387Her Dudds to dazzle team met for their first practice too and they are excited about this year!!




Peter put the first batch of meat in the freezer with this sweet 100+ pound doe from a hunt in Kerens.


And of course, while there share about Brigades!!

IMG_1213And there we are, a few updates of the boys.  It’s been a busy few weeks, and we are excited for cooler temps and a reason to stay in a relax a little!!

Current Happenings

Well, life has kind of taken over for me, and blogging has taken a back seat.  Let’s see if I can’t get a handle on things and get this updated a little bit!!

For one, kitchen remodel 2017 is underway. Started about 10 weeks ago, or so?  At the same time we started remodeling Anna’s room, then moved the boys to the garage, and worked on getting Eli his own room.  Who does three to four remodel projects at one time?  Oh yeah, and adds another flower bed?  No one who is sane!  But for some reason I managed to start all these projects!!


Anna’s room remodel was awesome!   It was mostly done by her April birthday and she loved it!

The boys have moved to their garage “dorm room 1.0.”  They are loving their new space!!  Eli loves having his room to himself!!

The kitchen has been a huge process with tons of painting, more painting, and more painting.  But it is coming together slowly!

IMG_3737IMG_3738IMG_3742IMG_3745Maybe now that we are starting to wrap up our projects, I might have time to keep up the blog a bit more!  Maybe!

Introducing Jade & Kerria

These sweet girls arrived at our place on Wednesday morning about 4am.


Needless to say, we are smitten!!


They are super cute, very attached to one another, and they love to get scratched and loved on!!

img_2449Both are girls, Jade is the brown one, first born, Kerria is the black one and second.  Both named after flowers!!

I am afraid both may end up staying, so hard to say goodbye when they are so cute and might make great mamas!!