Review : Go Movement

Everyone can reach someone.

I believe that most believers, Christians, want to tell others about Jesus. So often we are held back by fear of rejections, the unknown or something else.

The Go Movement can help alleviate most of those hesitations! Check out their FREE downloads to help you make a plan to reach one person. That is how it all starts! One person. It is easier than you think.

This packet gives you tips and suggestions. Not only does it help you navigate sharing personally, but also online. So many of our relationships now are online, so why not share Jesus there?

You can go here –> to download the packet, print it and decide on your who your someone is!

This would make a wonderful project for a Sunday school class, youth group, or even just a book club or friend group!! Get some friends together, decide on personal goals and then keep each other accountable!!

Such a fantastic system with super easy action steps – really takes the fear and hesitation out sharing your love of Jesus!

Review :Kids Faith Krate

We had so much fun with two of our younger friends checking out this box of fun faith based activities!

Inside is a cute box, all wrapped up is a sheet with 4 different actives that you can do with the children/child centered around a. theme. The theme for this box was compassion. So we talked about the story when Elijah asks the widow for some bread, and she was about to bake her last bread for her and her son to eat before they die. Instead they feed Elijah and their supplies do not run out. God had compassion on the widow.

The craft was to decorate a towel, then to make some bread and deliver it to someone.

The craft was very easy but really fun! The girls put the squares of tissue paper on the white cloth napkin, then dropped water onto the tissue paper and let it dry. The tissue paper bled onto the napkin and colored it. The girls 4 and 6 – loved it!

The next activity was centered around the man who was blind, that Jesus healed. The children colored a paper face and then slid a strip of paper through the face to show he was blind, then a miracle happpened and then he could see. They like that one too.

There were two other activities, one was making a tiny blanket and the other was making somehting to use to tell others about Jesus, an outreach activitiy.

You could do a different activity each week, for the entire month, or we did two activities in a day, since we were checking out the box with borrowed kids!

You can order your own Kids Faith Krate Box with coupon code : campinabox (for $10 off)

You can order here :

NOTE: I received a sample of the Kids Faith Krate in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review : Sea Glass Cottage

Irene Hannon has found her sweet spot in Hope Harbor Oregon. There are now 8 books in this “series” and I have had the pleasure of reading many of them! I could not pass up Sea Glass Cottage, since my family loves collecting sea glass from the beaches in Maine!

Returning to Hope Harbor in one of Irene’s stories is always a treat, and feels like returning home. So many of the characters are from her past stories and you get to catch up and re-connect to them. Each story brings new characters as well, and these new characters usually lead to the revealing of past lives of others.

In Sea Glass Cottage,Christi is the new character that has trekked all the way up to Hope Harbor in the hopes of finding an answer to a problem. She reconnects with Jack, a resident of Hope Harbor and a police officer, who is not excited to see her. As their past is revealed, and opportunities present themselves to Christi, Jack is not sure what is going on.

One of my favorite characters in these books is Charlie the Taco Truck guy! He is always a ray of sunshine, loves people so well, and shares a little of Jesus too! I love the Oregon Coast as the setting as well, it is a gorgeous part of our country and I am reminded of its beauty and charm when Irene takes me back there in one of her books!

The root of this story and so many other Hope Harbor stories is redemption, forgiveness and love. This was a delightful read, the characters are as real and solid as they come. I highly recommend this book to be added to your summer reading list!

NOTE : I received a copy of Sea Glass Cottage in exchange for my honest review!

Book Review : The Catch

I have shared my love of Lisa Harris‘ novels in the past – The Catch, Book 3 in her Marshalls Series, is a wonderful conclusion to the series! So many loose ends to wrap up! This time US Marshall Madison James is working with Jonas Quinn (while trying to figure out what the future holds for them). Both are US Marshalls. Madison is still dealing with the amnesia surrounding her shooting from Book 2, but even if you have not read either book 1 or 2, you will be caught up quickly!

Madison lost her husband, when he was shot. Until now she thought he was the target, but it is quickly becoming clear that she was the ultimate target through the death of her husband. While trying to figure out who killed her love, and who shot her some time later, Madison is trying to solve other crimes and figure things out with Jonas.

Lisa always writes a fast paced novel with so many pieces all woven together. I love to dig right in to her books while trying to figure things as I read!

This story focuses on the murder of a Judge’s wife – it seems the judge has a child with another woman and when his wife found out she took matters into her own hands. When she is found dead, the search begins for the mother of the judge’s child and the infant. Every step fo the way more twists and turns confuse the Marshalls as well as the reader! The dramatic conclusion wraps everything up!

This would make a great beach read or lake read, or a great book to snuggle up with in a hammock in the backyard! Don’t forget to check out The Chase and The Escape

NOTE : I received a copy of The Catch in exchange for an honest review.

Book Review : Malicious Intent

If you enjoy a fast paced story with great characters and a plot that you cannot walk away from, Lynn H. Blackburn’s latest novel Malicious Intent is for YOU! I could not put this book down.

The main story involves Ivy, who has a secret stash of about 20 million that she will not spend, since it is “blood” money – yet as the CEO and founder of a company that designs prostetics for amputees, she plans to use that little nest egg to launch her next design. However, someone else knows about the money and is doing their best to get to it first!

Along comes US Secret Service Agent, and her childhood best friend, Gil. Gil shows up at Ivy’s house during the first attempt to hack her businesses computer system – after tracing counterfeit bills back to Ivy. You will have to grab a copy if you want to know more, but I will tell you – this was the tip of the iceberg!

Reconnecting after many many years, Gil & Ivy have to work through a lot of skeletons in both of their closets. The story develops at the perfect pace for the twists and turns, as well as with Gil & Ivy.

There were many unexpected twists as Ivy is trying to stay alive while also working on figuring out who is behind all the chaos in her life.

This is book 2 in the Defend & Protect series by Lynn, and I loved seeing many characters from book 1, Unknown Threat, as well as many from past series as well! It is like a reunion with old friends!

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