Every Christmas Eve (or just about every) we get to spend the day as a family with Robert’s brothers family, my in laws and us.  So fun to have so many years of memories of that day. Our kids at Candlelight service, eating somewhere, and lots of smiles.



This year, there was no Jacob, as he was not feeling great.  It was a last minute decision to stay home, he was dressed and ready to go.  Before we headed out, he did open one present early.  This boy was DYING to get his hands on a CD of the Hamilton play.  I made sure his Grammie got to see the delight on his face when he opened it!


img_0951Brothers on Christmas Eve.


Even got a picture of us. With an adorable photo bomber.img_0959

Sweet girl cousins.


Boy cousins.


The birthday boy – with a sweet Bloody Mary made by sister in law, Lisa.


Betsy getting a pic of the treat!

It was a fun day, and another year of family memories!

Gingerbread House Time

My sweet girl bought a Gingerbread Kit while out shopping and decided to share with her brothers!  They enjoyed an afternoon of creative gingerbread making!


One house!


Another cute house


Here is the sweet sister – sharing her treasure!


Even the big brother got involved in the creativity!img_0813

And the youngest brother – a little candy overload?


And the final house with Peter.

The kids enjoyed it much more than I expected!  Maybe next year we will have to do this again!

Christmas memories

We had a wonderful Christmas this year, and if I do not get pictures posted, I might just forget the menu and the fun!!

This was my first year to cook a Prime Rib.  While it was a bit pricey, it ended up tasting wonderful and everyone enjoyed it!!  I did forget the cranberry salad I has planned to make, but otherwise the menu was great!

Of course we enjoyed our tradition of Christmas donuts, even including some gluten-free!  And thanks to a sweet friend we had some wonderful gluten-free/Paleo Coffee Cake from Colorful eats!!

Christmas day was fun with family from both sides here, my mom and Louie came over early for the stocking opening, donuts and presents!  Robert’s folks were with us that week as well!  It was a crowded family room!  And despite the December date, we were not able to have a fire, since I think the temps were in the 70’s that day!!  Crazy Texas!!

Everyone loved their gifts – lots of food and candy was passed around.  My favorite gifts given were the ones my kids made!  Jacob made jerky from his deer this fall, Peter made plant stands from slices of the tree Robert cut down in the backyard, and Eli made soap dishes for my goat milk soap!!  I loved them all and loved watching them make and give their gifts!!


Festivus {for the rest of us} 2015

family 1We so enjoyed our 4th annual Festivus this year with the Cole family!!


Cousins came from near and far!!  Some travelled all the way from Colorado the day before because that is where they were enjoying Christmas!!



This year the weather was bait crazy – not cold enough for a fire inside, and too drizzly for a fire outside, and then there were the tornadoes touching down in our County.  Crazy!!


None of that stopped the fun catching up, playing with cousins or eating good food!!

many cousins

We are already thinking about next year and looking forward to seeing everyone again!!


I might have just told them that the future for this guy is the freezer – they were begging to take him home!

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